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Sarah Smith Holistic, About Balance, 20-22 Gloucester Place, Brighton, BN1 4AA

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Sarah Smith

Holistic Therapist Brighton

"Sarah has an incredible disposition, healing hands and an open heart – a perfect combination to offer peace, love and joy to all. Thank you for the sublime experience."

I have over six years’ experience working within the holistic health industry, and have spent the past three years at an award-winning organic eco spa as a therapist and trainer. I have recently expanded my practice and now offer treatments at a fair trade well-being centre in the heart of Brighton.   

As an individual, I am very open, warm and receptive to every person that I encounter. I am entirely focused on creating a space for my clients where they can feel safe and nurtured, and know that I will always be completely present and committed to them during their treatment. 


I truly believe that physical touch is one of the most important, yet neglected, ways to calm, heal and renew the body and soul - and I am very grateful to work in an environment that allows people the space to fully reconnect with themselves through touch and relaxation. 


I have a lot of knowledge and experience in working with reflex points and acupressure, which I often integrate into my massage treatments, so as to reinforce healing in problematic areas. This means that every treatment will be tailored specifically towards the client’s personal needs.  


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more about my treatments and how they could benefit you, 



Swedish Massage
Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, this massage relieves chronic knots and tension by stretching out the muscle fibres using the thumbs and forearms. Perfect for those who suffer from knotted shoulders, postural problems and lower back pain.

60 min - £45

90 min - £60

This relaxing massage incorporates a combination of techniques to both sooth and invigorate. Benefits of this massage include improved blood circulation, increased flexibility, reduced muscle tension and the alleviation of emotional stress.

60 min - £45

90 min - £60

Hot Stone Therapy

This powerful treatment incorporates the ancient healing properties of heated basalt stones to sooth and soften the muscle tissue, allowing knots and tension to be released easily and without discomfort. A cleansing and detoxifying treatment that is both relaxing and remedial, allowing the individual to reach a profoundly deep level of relation.

60 min - £50

90 min - £65

By stimulating nerve endings on the feet, this powerful and profoundly relaxing treatment incorporates massage and acupressure to unblock the associated part of the body in order to restore balance and promote healing.

60 min - £45

(add hot stones for £8)

Indian Head Massage
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Perfect if you suffer from tension headaches, migraines or tight shoulders. Using invigorating massage and pressure point techniques, this treatment concentrates on relaxing the muscles around the shoulders, neck, face and scalp.

45 min - £40

This massage focuses on the areas most likely to accumulate tension through repetitive motion, emotional stress or work-related muscular strain. Using a variety of soft and deep tissue techniques, each massage is tailored to the needs of the individual.

30 min - £35

60 min - £45

(add hot stones for £8)


Client Testimonials

Sarah has an incredible disposition, healing hands and an open heart – a perfect combination to offer peace, love and joy to all. Thank you for the sublime experience


Sarah, you are a gentle breeze carrying away the clouds from around my heart. You are so intuitive and kind and talented. Thank you for the beautiful massage.





I am based at About Balance Wellbeing Centre

20-22 Gloucester Pl, Brighton BN1 4AA. 

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